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5 Natural Ways To Fight Off Morning Sickness

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5 Natural ways to fight off morning sickness

5 Natural ways to fight off morning sickness

Morning sickness doesn’t just hit mommas expecting girls, its not always restricted to the first trimester and, despite its name, it doesn’t just happen in the mornings. It is fair game for any expecting mommies at any time. For those of you that have experienced or are currently experiencing morning sickness, you know how it ranges from being annoying to downright debilitating!

No one wants to spend their day (or night) with their head in a toilet bowl. Try these five natural and simple morning sickness remedies and start feeling better.


  1. Have a slow wake-up 

Now that you’re pregnant you probably have so much energy that you are jumping out of bed in the mornings (insert eye roll). Prevent morning sickness from kicking in by taking it slow in the mornings, starting with how you get out of bed. Give yourself plenty of time to wake up, even go as far as setting your timer an extra 10 minutes early so that you can stay laying down while you wait for your body to wake up. When I was having bad morning sickness, I would keep a sleeve of saltine crackers on my nightstand and nibble on them while I laid in bed, even if I wasn’t hungry.


  1. Eat small meals 

Just because you’re pregnant does not mean you need to start eating like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That old saying “eating for two” means that you need to be cautious and deliberate about what you are eating since your baby is getting nourished from your diet. It does not mean, however, that you need to start eating twice the amount. In fact, you don’t actually need any extra calories in your first trimester. It goes without saying that when your pregnant you get extra hungry. But resist the urge to gorge and instead eat small meals. This one thing drastically helped prevent morning sickness for me. Try to prevent your stomach from getting empty but also avoid getting it too full.

  1. Consume ginger 

Popularly used by the Chinese for its tummy-taming properties, this root can help combat your morning sickness. There are several options for consuming ginger including tea, ginger ale, ginger candy or lozenges, ginger snap cookies and ginger capsules.


  1. Stay hydrated 

Water is going to be your best friend when you are suffering through morning sickness. I found that having a full glass of ice cold water first thing in the morning help soothe my stomach almost instantly. Not only is water helpful for combating nausea but if you are vomiting a lot, it is important to keep drinking water so you don’t dehydrate. Make sure you are well hydrated by peeking in the toilet after peeing. Your urine should be almost clear and should not come with a strong smell. If you are in the mood for some flavor, try putting some lemon in your water as lemon is also supposed to help with alleviating nausea.


  1. Peppermint 

This one was my favorites when I was struggling with my morning sickness. I would dab some peppermint oil on my neck and the smell would immediately make me feel better. It was also helpful when I would be around a smell that triggered my nausea: I would take a whiff of some peppermint and it would be instantly overpower any other smell. You can also try peppermint candies (real peppermint candies, not the artificially-flavored ones). Keep a stash in your purse for when your out and about and your breakfast starts battling with your lunch.


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