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Baby Gas Relief

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Baby Gas Relief

Baby Gas Relief

Baby Gas Relief

Caleb was a great baby. From day one, he was such a happy and easy going little guy. If he’d cry, it was easy to soothe him and it was almost always for good reason (dirty diaper, hungry, lonely, etc.). Yet, he did have one flaw: man was he gassy! It was brutal having to sit through some of those stinkers. But the true agony laid with those nights he’d keep us up with grunts from not being able to fart or from being constipated. It was those times when we wished the farts would freely flow.


We tried a few things, some that worked and some that didn’t, in order to help Caleb with his gas. Bless his heart, he never cried during any of this but we could tell he was uncomfortable. It was important for us to get our little guy feeling better and sleeping better too. After all, a happy baby makes for happy parents. Here are our favorite remedies:


  1.  Baby Magic Tea by Secrets of Tea

I included this one first because it was the absolute best thing we used to combat Caleb’s gas. This blend of fennel and cumin seeds works miracles in relieving and preventing gas. You can drink the tea yourself so that your little one receives all its goodness through your breast milk or give it to them directly.


  1. Little Remedies Gripe Water

This was our go-to remedy when Caleb needed fast relief. It was gentle on his tummy and he really liked the taste, which made it super easy to administer.


  1. Fridababy’s Windi The Gaspasser

I was very hesitant to use this at first as it is a bit intimidating. But, then again, I was also scared of using Fridababy’s NoseFrida and that ended up being our most-used baby product. This thing works so fast and so well that you should probably stand back when you use it.


  1. Massages

Check out our YouTube video on how we relieve our little one’s gas through massage!


  1. Mommy’s diet

Believe it or not, but eating gassy foods will not make your breast-fed baby gassy. As a matter of fact, the gas-producing elements in foods like broccoli and beans never make their way into your breast milk. But, there still exists one culprit for adding discomfort to your little one’s tummy: dairy. If your little one is like mine, dairy is probably one, if not the, reason he has gas and discomfort. If you suspect your dairy intake has something to do with all the toots, try eliminating it from your diet for a week and see what happens.

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