Product Review – DockATot

Product Review – DockATot

It is so exciting bringing your newborn home from the hospital. Accompanying that excitement, however, is worry. Worried if your baby is eating enough, worried if he’s too hot (or too cold), worried that you’ll accidentally drop him or if his cries are normal. I had a hard time coming to terms that he was no longer in my belly, but a human being suddenly separated from me. For this, and other reasons, we decided that cosleeping/bedsharing was what was going to work best for us as a family: I wanted to have my baby close to me at all times, even at night.

Nursing Pillows: Boppy vs. My Breast Friend

The Boppy Pillow. Probably the most popular baby shower gift. I cant remember the last time I browsed through a friends baby registry and have not seen the Boppy included. This feeding and support pillow helps lift your baby to a more comfortable position while you are nursing or bottle feeding. The Boppy also grows with your baby as it can transition into a propping pillow, tummy time pillow and a balance and support pillow for when your baby starts sitting. With its versitility, popularity and all the positive reviews, I added a Boppy to my list too.

Snot Sucker: Bulb vs. NoseFrida

I never realized the importance of a snot sucker until I had my baby. I don’t know if its just me but we have to use a snot sucker on our little guy on a daily basis, most days twice in a single day. Baby nostrils are so tiny that any little boogie is going to be a big inconvenience. As your baby gets older, and those nostrils get bigger, the need for a snot sucker is still high. Toddlers love sticking things up their noses. Why? Why not!?! Having a snot sucker will come in handy for those days when its not boogies you are having to dig out.

Product Review – Dr. Brown’s Bottles

When we came across Dr. Brown’s bottles, we were intrigued and won over by their claim of reducing colic, gas and spit-up. Something about positive-pressure, vacuum-free, vent technology… it all sounded like a bunch of disguised, empty words. Still, these were one of the top selling bottles online and the reviews were very promising. We decided it wouldn’t hurt to try them and if they’d truly prevent air bubbles from getting into our baby’s tummy we would be happy shoppers.