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Nursing Pillows: Boppy vs. My Breast Friend

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The Boppy Pillow. Probably the most popular baby shower gift. I cant remember the last time I browsed through a friends baby registry and have not seen the Boppy included. This feeding and support pillow helps lift your baby to a more comfortable position while you are nursing or bottle feeding. The Boppy also grows with your baby as it can transition into a propping pillow, tummy time pillow and a balance and support pillow for when your baby starts sitting. With its versitility, popularity and all the positive reviews, I added a Boppy to my list too.


Once I started using the pillow I quickly discovered that its most standard use, for feeding, was sub par. I found myself using it much more for propping and tummy time and actually really loved it for those two purposes. It was just disappointing that it was such a pain for breastfeeding. I has to constantly readjust and my baby was always slipping down into the crevice between me and the pillow. It just ended up being more annoying than helpful when it came to being used as a nursing pillow. Luckily, I discovered an alternative: My Breast Friend.


When I was meeting with my lactation consultant, trying to get help with latching, she introduced us to the My Breast Friend.  Although My Breast Friend is not a multi-purpose pillow, it is the absolute best nursing pillow. It has a wrap-around design so it supports your back, which easily gets sore when nursing. It also has a buckle so I could adjust it to fit and stay on me better than the Boppy. Finally, my baby wouldn’t slip because it had a firm, flat surface.


There are definitely a lot of benefits to the Boppy and SO many moms love it. Its really great that you can use it for so many things and it’s a good size pillow that doesn’t take up a lot of room. My Breast Friend is solely for feeding but it does such a wonderful job at it. If only someone would invent a hybrid between the two.



Boppy Pillow


  • Super quick to set up, just grab it and wrap it around you
  • Versatile: use it for feeding, propping, tummy time and sitting
  • Offers lots of cute covers
  • Machine washable
  • Not bulky


  • If you have a squirmy baby you’ll find yourself readjusting a lot
  • Its rounded surface makes it easy for baby to slide around
  • Not adjustable
  • Offers no back support

Ideal for:
Moms that are looking for a convenient and flexible nursing pillow and don’t mind compromising comfort.

Shop: Boppy Pillow 

Or find it at these other retailers:
Buy Buy Baby
Babies R Us


My Breast Friend


  • Offers back support so you maintain good posture
  • The wrap-around design prevents baby from slipping into the gap
  • Has a flat surface so baby cant slide around and so you have some arm and elbow support
  • Come with a pocket where you can store nursing supplies
  • Adjustable fit


  • Very bulky
  • Complaints about foam smell
  • The cover is a pain to put on after washing
  • Not versatile, only use for nursing

Ideal for:
Moms that are in need of a supportive, adjustable nursing pillow and don’t mind compromising versatility.

Shop:  My Breast Friend 

Or find it at these other retailers:
Buy Buy Baby
Babies R Us


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