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Product Review – DockATot

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It is so exciting bringing your newborn home from the hospital. Accompanying that excitement, however, is worry. Worried if your baby is eating enough, worried if he’s too hot (or too cold), worried that you’ll accidentally drop him or if his cries are normal.

Perhaps one of the biggest worries a parent experiences is the risk of SIDS. I know I sure was! Even though Caleb was a healthy, strong baby, I would wake in a panic anytime he would sleep long stretches overnight. I had a hard time coming to terms that he was no longer in my belly, but a human being suddenly separated from me. For this, and other reasons, we decided that cosleeping/bedsharing was what was going to work best for us as a family: I wanted to have my baby close to me at all times, even at night.

Once we made this decision, we sought out ways that we could practice cosleeping/bedsharing safely. One of those ideas was to have Caleb sleep in bed with us but in his own area. We purchased a DockATot after its feature in Babylist’s “Best Products of 2016” article. Its versatility and design was attractive but what sold me was the safety of the material. Better yet? The DockATot made the transition from swaddling to not swaddling much easier as it replaces the womb-like snuggle that the swaddle would offer. I can go on and on about how great this cosleeper has worked for us so let me break it down further for you:


  • Super safe!
    • The mattress pad and bumpers have great air-permeability. When I first received the DockATot, I shoved my face in it to see how easily I could breath. The material was very breathable and the bumpers are so low that a baby’s face will sit higher.
    • The bumpers keep baby in and parents out.
    • Due to its permeability, it does not over heat.
  • It is highly versatile. We only use it for sleeping and bed transitioning but you can also use it for tummy time, lounging, as a changing station, and as a mat for playtime.
  • Bumpers are snug and comfy, mimicking being swaddled or held.
  • Portable: Very lightweight and has a handle on the top.
  • Material is hypoallergenic.
  • Comes in two sizes, allowing your baby to enjoy it from 0 months until the age of 3.
  • Has a fully removable cover that makes washing easy. We purchased the DockATot in Pristine White so drool and spit up show easily. However, I have yet to have to do anything special to get stains out. Washing it as you would anything else does the job.
  • You can purchase replacement covers to change up the design (and they are all really cute).



  • Expensive, especially compared to other in-bed cosleepers.
  • Baby will outgrow the level 1 version (Deluxe) before 8 months (it is recommended up to 22 lbs) so you’ll have to invest in the level 2 version (Grand) if you want to continue using it past that point. And before you consider it, you can’t just purchase the Grand from the start since it is not suitable for babies under 9 months.
  • You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) fold it so packing it for trips is going to take up a lot of room.
  • The bumpers are meant to keep your baby from rolling onto their tummy. That was NOT the case for Caleb. He would easily roll onto his tummy in this by 4 months. Keep in mind that if this is also that case for you, the material is breathable to avoid suffocation. Also, Caleb’s energy and persistence is off the charts so perhaps it will still work for others.


Ideal for:

Parents wanting to cosleep but want baby to have a separate, designated area on the bed.



or click the following link for a $10 off at DockATot’s official site:


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