Before Caleb came along, we read a lot of suggestions about freezing meals ahead of time to cut down on our time spent cooking and cleaning.  Boy were we happy we listened!  We set aside a few hours every weekend to prep one or two meals, and by the time we got home from the hospital we had a month’s worth of meals ready to go.  There is nothing easier when you have a newborn than grabbing a dinner out of the freezer the night before and either dumping it into the slow-cooker or the oven the next day. Plus it made cleaning up super fast!  Trust us, anything that can save time is your friend!

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Most of our recipes, as you’ll notice pretty quickly, are made with chicken or ground turkey.  This is because Priscilla doesn’t eat red meat or pork.  But that doesn’t mean that many of these recipes wouldn’t go great with pork or ground beef.  Feel free to experiment with your favorite proteins and see what you like best!

When Caleb was almost 2 weeks old, we found out that he had a allergy to the protein found in cow’s milk.  The pediatrician assured us this was fairly common and most children outgrow the allergy between 9 and 18 months of age.  This meant that Priscilla had to completely re-haul her diet (including many of the make-ahead meals we had frozen) since she was breast feeding.  We found that a majority of dairy free alternatives were soy based.  About a week after cutting dairy out of her diet, we noticed Caleb’s digestive issues resurface so we contacted our pediatrician again.  He let us know that about 50% of children with the milk protein allergy also develop a soy allergy.  And wouldn’t you know it, Caleb now has a milk protein and soy allergy.  Once again, Priscilla had to revamp her diet.  But this time it was a bit more difficult finding yummy food that wasn’t just meat, vegetables and fruit that did not contain dairy or soy.

We’ve tinkered with recipes and found alternatives;  we used ourselves as guinea pigs to figure out what tastes good and what we won’t eat again.

You’ll find all the delicious recipes in this section (more added as continue to try new things), as well as reviews of the different products Priscilla has tried in the Products section.

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