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Snot Sucker: Bulb vs. NoseFrida

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I never realized the importance of a snot sucker until I had my baby. I don’t know if its just us, but we have to use a snot sucker on our little guy on a daily basis.  Most days we use it twice! Baby nostrils are so tiny that any little boogie is going to be a big inconvenience. As your baby gets older, and those nostrils get bigger, the need for a snot sucker is still high. Toddlers love sticking things up their noses. Why? Why not!?! Having a snot sucker will come in handy for those days when its not boogies you are having to dig out.

When we got a baby first aid kit, it came with those bulb nasal aspirators. Along with that, our hospital gave us another bulb when it was time to take Caleb home. That is what we used for the first week home and we hated it! I don’t know how this is the what hospitals use and what comes standard in first aid kits. We didn’t understand what we were doing wrong so I went online to try to find a video, thinking that maybe there was more to it. During my search I discovered a very odd, new product: The NoseFrida.


I am not exaggerating when I say that the NoseFrida is the most practical thing we ever bought for our baby. I was super skeptical at first as the whole system seemed disgusting: so, you suck the boogers out? Like, with your mouth? Yep! Now, there is more to it than that, fortunately. The NoseFrida has a few parts, one of which is a filter that prevents any actual snot from being inhaled into your mouth. Even then, I made my husband do it the first few times because it made me gag and I still didn’t trust it.

Of course, just like he’s not always around to kill spiders, he was not always around to do the NoseFrida on our little guy so I had to suck it up (no pun intended) and just do it myself. I am proud to say I am still alive and no boogers were swallowed. It was super easy and quick to use and above all works really, really, really good!


Still undecided about what snot sucker to go with? Check out my review for the two below:


Bulb Nasal Aspirator


  • Single piece, no putting parts together
  • Can also be used to clear ear wax from baby’s ear
  • Very inexpensive


  • Difficult to clean, boogers can get trapped and yuckiness can build up inside the bulb
  • Dull suction
  • Doesn’t clear the airways completely
  • Difficult to see if any boogers actually came out

Ideal for:

Parents that want an inexpensive, duel purpose nasal aspirator and don’t mind replacing it often.

Shop: Bulb Nasal Aspirator


NoseFrida the Snot Sucker


  • Very quick way of removing boogers
  • Easy to clean, no trapped boogies!
  • Quick to set up
  • Filters are durable and long lasting
  • Non-invasive, does not bother baby
  • You can see the boogers come out to know its working


  • It’s a gross concept
  • More expensive than a bulb

Ideal for:

Everyone! This is the grossest thing you’ll love!

Shop:  NoseFrida the Snot Sucker


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