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The 6 Best Apps for New and Soon-To-Be Parents

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The 6 best apps for new and soon-to-be parents

The 6 best apps for new and soon-to-be parents

1. Baby Center

The best rated parenting app, BabyCenter has tones of great features that you will use during pregnancy, labor and post partum. Track your pregnancy day-by-day with the Calendar section which offers helpful articles such as foods to avoid while pregnant. Additionally, the Calendar updates you at the beginning of each gestational week with how your baby is growing in utero. The Birth Club section allows you to connect with other parents and gives you access to moms that are delivering around the same time as you. Finally, their Tools section includes helpful tools such as a kick tracker, contraction timer, sleep guide and much more.

BabyCenter App

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2. Feed Baby

Log and record all aspects of your baby’s development with this intuitive app. Feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, and baths are just a few of many tracking features this app has to offer. There is even a journal where you can write short notes, or quickly select from a list, about your baby’s behavior, health or milestones. Get comprehensive graphs and reports and a timeline of all the activities with a simple click (and you can print so you can share with your baby’s pediatrician). Need a feeding reminder or are you always forgetting to give your little one their medicine? No problem! Feed Baby lets you set alarms for several events. This app has it all!

Feed Baby Pro

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3. Baby Pics

Attention parents-to-be and new parents, this app allows you to capture all the wonderful memories of pregnancy and parenthood. Snap pictures of your growing pregnant belly, infant milestones or all your toddlers “firsts” and beautify them by adding cute artwork and text. When you are done, you can directly share your artwork to others.

Baby Pics

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4. White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

Help your little one fall asleep, and stay asleep, with this app. Your newborn spent the last 9 months inside a noisy womb. Make them feel at “home” through white noise This app allows you to choose from 20 sounds including heartbeat, vacuum, washing machine, rain, and fan. After choosing a sound, you can adjust the volume and duration of play.

White Noise Baby Sleep Sounds

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5. Baby Daybook

This is a daily log for tracking the daily activity of your little one. Insert your little ones last feeding, keep track of how long you have been nursing, log diaper changes, nap times and even when you gave the last bath. This app features a  Growth Tracker that lets you keep track of how your little one is growing (weight, height and head size) and a Timeline so you can see patterns in your little ones routine. The app lets you log for multiple children and enables you to sync your inserted data with other devices.

Baby Daybook

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6. WebMD Baby

Every parent wishes they could have a live-in pediatrician. This app comes close! Get physician-approved advice, articles, tips and videos. This app has an Illness & Emergency section that you can use as a quick reference when your little has colic or an ear infection. Additionally, visit their Baby & Toddler Care section for information on baby gear, skin care, potty training and much more.


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